A DEVOLUÇÃO DA ALMA - Exposição individual de desenho realizada em 2012 na Casa Fernando Pessoa, Lisboa.


Having focused attention on the poet Fernando Pessoa, particularly on his aversion to being photographed, the objective became to develop a series of drawings that, in some way, served to symbolically recover through drawing, the image “stolen” by the photography. The repulsion that Pessoa felt in being photographed, according to Maria José de Lancastre in her book Fernando Pessoa - a photographic biography, “is a fact that does not belong to his philosophical vision of the world, with regard to esotericism or witchcraft - something that it has a little to do with some primitive beliefs: the fear that being photographed might steal their souls.”
Curiously and paradoxically, the use of the vehicle of photographic memory allowed me to unveil in the drawing the plastic essence of some objects belonging to Fernando Pessoa and thus allow me to explore the unexplorable access to a sphere closer to the poet's interiority.