Rogério da Silva

Starting from drawing techniques, the process denounces the traditional perceptions of photography. By exploring characters, events or empty interior spaces from archival images, I transport the expression of photographic memory to drawing. So I create a new memory from that expression.


Drawing 2021

In Phenomenon and Similarity, the use of photography as a record of printed memories serves as a starting point for the achievement of this series of drawings. Its construction that operates in a register of similarities - the image drawn as a copy of the photographic processes, with the accidental marks that it includes - allows the manipulation and redefinition of those works, that aims to include those particularities related to the phenomenon of the light in photography, creating, therefore, a new discourse in the drawn image. Representing the spots or the marks that reveal the passage of time and its antiquity, suggest that a different look is perceived between what is represented by photography and what is copied by drawing.

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